Friday, March 27, 2009

LeBron Rittmaster

This video reminds me of the show we did in the Windsor, Missouri high school gym years ago.

Two notable things happened at that show:
1. During our last game, when soliticing a suggestion, a high school kid sitting in the bleachers yelled, "SUCK A DICK!" When everyone turned and glared at him, he said, "I'm outta here!", and ran across the gym floor and out the door. "Suck a dick, I'm outta here" has since become a catch phrase that has persevered among our circle of friends.

2. As the crowd started heading home, some of the kids stayed and shot some baskets. Corey took the ball and heaved it from beyond half-court. As soon as he released it, he turned, walked away, and announced, "It's good."


The kids thought he was God. We kinda did too.


Jared Brustad said...

I remember that. Two amazing moments.

Corey and Monique said...

I have never taken a half court shot since, and I never will again. Pinnacle.

- C