Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thoughts I've Had During OSHA Training Today

1. Our monologist for the show tomorrow night, Kevin Dilmore, is a natural. He should be highly entertaining, which means everyone should come see him. Tantrum info
2. Corporate gigs can be weird. It's hard to have people play big, bright, shiny, fun basketball games (not to mention drink beer) at the CBE and then make them sit down and watch us.
3. They just showed a picture of a dude finishing the edge of a roof. He's tied off, of a large Hispanic man. Is that a violation?
4. What am I going to do Monday? President's Day's a comin'...
5. Once I get a company phone in a couple weeks, is call forwarding free from my personal phone? No way in HELL I'm carrying two phones, considering I don't even like having ONE.
6. The carpet tiles in our office were installed two months ago. They already look like crap.
7. Stop asking so many questions, dude--you're only prolonging the agony.

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