Monday, February 9, 2009


1. A visit to Westport last night confirmed that, in addition to the fabulous beer selection and service, The Foundry also has WiFi. This was universally lauded by...well, the two of us, but it raises more questions:
Can I work from "home" from the Foundry?
Moreover, will I ever again set foot in a coffee shop after noon?

2. Radiohead's performance at the Grammys was very good. If you didn't catch it, they played "15 Step" with the USC marching band. It was a somewhat questionable choice of songs, since it's probably the least accessible tune on "In Rainbows". Ah, what they hell do they care? They're freaking Radiohead.
The sound mix was highly suspect all night, which is pretty piss-poor for "the biggest night in music".

And I'm sorry, but can we stop with the "musical generations come together" motif? Between the Jonas Brothers performing with Stevie Wonder and the Pepsi commercial mashing Will.I.Am with Bob Dylan, I've been nauseated since the Super Bowl.

3. A-Rod allegedly did 'roids. Not that I ever cared much for the guy, but can we just strike 1994-2005 from the record books and pretend they never happened? I don't even want my money back. I just want to forget those years ever happened in baseball. Maybe give me a targeted MiB mind-wiping or something.


NikkiDooDoo said...

Seeing the Jonas Bros trying to show that they were interacting with Stevie was one of the most repulsive sights I've seen in quite a while.

And enough with A-Roid "news" already. Puh-lease.

Unknown said...

Did not know about the Foundry. I believe I've found my new "coffee shop."

JJSKCK said...

I'm not making a joke here, but do you think Stevie REALLY knew what was going on? I mean, REALLY?

Glad I could help, although I should amend the non-coffee-shop-going hours to after 4pm since that's when the Foundry opens.

NikkiDooDoo said...

No, I don't think Stevie had a clue what was going on. If he had, he would've tried to beat them. Or eat them.