Tuesday, February 10, 2009

'Roid Update

Okay, so A-Rod has actually admitted he did 'roids. I'm pleasantly surprised that he confessed to this, even though it was after he got caught.
So how messed up was baseball in 2001? He said he doesn't even know exactly what he was putting into his body...and I BELIEVE HIM. He knows it was an illicit substance, but there was such a laissez faire attitude toward the use of PEDs that he basically just said, "Give me whatever you think is best, Mr. 'Roid Salesman," and shot himself up with it.
Make no mistake - this was (is?) the best player in baseball, and he felt like he needed an edge. It still blows my mind that he signed the largest contract in the history of team sports, and he did it 8 years ago. Given the way salaries tend to grow exponentially in baseball, that's stunning to me.
The bigger issue is that baseball is an absolute mess. I love how they toot their own horn about how they have the toughest testing policy in sports now. That's akin to ValuJet telling us they have now adopted the most stringent safety inspections and pilot screening in the airline industry.
I told friends several months ago that I have never cared less about the game of baseball in my life. I think the low just keeps getting lower.

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