Friday, December 19, 2008

Social Notworking

I’ve officially had a Facebook account for a little over a year. I signed up for the account for the sole purpose of participating in the marketing of an improv troupe, and I’ve come close to cancelling more than once.

Facebook is far more trouble than it’s worth. It’s just another thing I feel obligated to check, and that is even more difficult because I can’t access it from work. In fact, a huge number of people are blocked in that way.

Yes, I have long since turned off nearly all email notifications, because I got sick of all the messages saying someone joined a fan club, or someone sent me a “beer” (a virtual one, of course) or wants me to take a quiz. Here’s a novel idea--how about we go out somewhere and, I don’t know, HAVE A BEER?

I will readily admit it’s an improvement over myspace, if only because idiots can’t willingly construct the most hideous-looking and –sounding page they can imagine.

However, the downsides to Facebook can be tremendous. More and more companies (i.e. prospective employers) go online to see what type of person they’re hiring. I don’t need my lowest moments preserved in digital photographic posterity.

Also, feel free to google “facebook data mining”. Yeah.

If Facebook is your thing, have at it. I could (and soon, probably will) live without it.

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Lee said...

I laughed at my wife when she tried to get me into Facebook. Then I joined and got hooked on it.

I like it for the purpose of keeping up with friends, but yeah, I think the whole sending of virtual drinks is goofy. Although not nearly as goofy as throwing a virtual snowball at someone. I usually just click "ignore" on that crap.

But hey, if you figure out a way to send a imperial stout over the internet, please do. ;-)