Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sad Story

I recently discovered a friend was going through a separation/divorce. I had no idea this was happening. I don’t see this friend or his wife all that often, but it seems like they JUST GOT married, and I never saw any sign that things were something other than "fine".

It’s a very difficult thing to go through any sort of breakup, and I can only imagine it’s that much more complicated when contracts, property, and lawyers are involved. (Or, God forbid, children.) My heart goes out to both of them because it can’t be easy to have something that started with such high hopes end badly.

Blame will be thrown around, people will take sides, and friends will be reallocated, but these are people who still care about each other (at least in some capacity).

I saw an interview with Dustin Hoffman this past weekend, and he talked about how difficult his divorce was. His point was that you haven’t stopped loving the other person, but you simply can’t live with them any longer.

That's a tough place to be.

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