Monday, December 15, 2008

Beer Report

I got to enjoy some tasty libations this weekend.

Saturday night: We went to the Foundry for food and beer, and saw McCoy’s WestPorter was on tap. This made me happy, and the brew did not disappoint. But as I was sipping on that, I noticed a new name on the board: McCoy’s Ursa Major Imperial Stout. Being a big fan of the style (namely Old Rasputin and Yeti) I was pumped to try it. It was FANTASTIC. Probably the best beer McCoy’s has ever done, IMHO. Beautifully balanced, huge robust flavors, and 10.5% ABV.

Sunday night: We made steak and pierogies, and I decided to sample a couple things that we had in the fridge. First was Brother Thelonious, another beer from North Coast. After this Belgian Abbey-style ale, I am even more convinced that this brewery can do no wrong. The nose was wonderful, and the different flavors just kept coming. Very complex, very tasty. We then pulled O’Dells Isolation Ale out of a mixed pack, which was a pale winter warmer. The hop aroma was huge, but the beer had a nice balanced finish. A solid winter beer. Finally, perhaps enjoying myself a bit too much, I decided to try an Avery Old Jubilation Ale. This was a much darker, almost mahogany-colored beer. There was a larger flavor profile than the Isolation and it had a more syrupy mouth feel. I recommend it highly.


Unknown said...

Where any of them like the beer at that brewpub in downtown Duluth?

JJSKCK said...

The McCoy's imperial stout I had at The Foundry was stellar, as was the Brother Thelonious. That's not to knock the others at all--those two just happened to be exceptional.

I will be at the Brewhouse in Duluth in about 10 days. Strangely, I can't remember their beer, so I'll probably have to sample a few and get back with you. :)

Unknown said...

For some reason a "cask" ale comes to mind. Feel free to fill up some to-go cups on your way out of town.