Friday, January 16, 2009

Three. Three Day. Three Day Weekeeeeeeeend.

One of the interesting/super happy quirks about working under the umbrella of a utility company? I get holidays off that I haven't had off since school.

Martin Luther King's birthday? Check. Washington's Birthday? Yep. Co-freaking-lumbus Day? Ding.

It's really wild because they pop up out of nowhere. It didn't register with me until yesterday that I had a 3-day weekend ahead.

Working in the private sector, we've gotten the biggies and that was it. I've got to admit I like this arrangement. Apologies to, what, 80% of the population who has to work Monday? I'll be getting a massage in your honor.

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TBinKC said...

Right there with you—including the part where you didn't know you got the day off until last week some time. Gotta love it.