Monday, January 12, 2009

So Now What?

The thing about getting engaged? Now we have to discuss a wedding. We’re trying to find that balance of keeping it simple, yet keeping it fun.

We’ve come to realize there are three general options:

1) Have a traditional ceremony here in Kansas City, followed by a traditional reception.
Pros: Almost everyone we know would be able to attend. We would be able to make educated decisions on the venue and such.
Cons: We would have to actually plan the wedding and fuss over all the little details, which we have no interest in doing. We would have to make (potentially tough) decisions about the guest list and wedding party. There is meddling potential as well.

2) Have a domestic destination wedding (Las Vegas was discussed), followed by a party once we get home.
Pros: The wedding would be more or less planned for us. A fair percentage of the people close to us would be able to attend without too much difficulty, and those who couldn’t would be able to make it to the party (i.e. the good part). Vegas would make for a nice quick getaway for all the attendees.
Cons: We want to honeymoon outside the country, so we would be flying somewhere to then get on a plane and fly somewhere else. Some people wouldn’t be able to make it to the ceremony due to money or health reasons.

3) Have an international destination wedding (thinking Riviera Maya in Mexico), followed by a party once we get home.
Pros: The wedding would be more or less planned for us. We would already be on our honeymoon when the ceremony takes place. Very low stress.
Cons: Obviously, this would be a substantial time, money, and documentation commitment for guests (though I would add that it’s WORTH IT), so the attendance would be rather small. Some important people in our lives wouldn’t be able to make it, and I don’t know how those people would feel about that.

We’re leaning a certain way, but it would be silly to even suggest that anything has been determined at this point.


Corey and Monique said...

I have my preference as well, but I'm keeping it a secret, too.

- Corey

Unknown said...

Stop, just plan your wedding and leave out the drama/suspence.