Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New York Hotel$

Thanks to Midwest Airlines' fare sale (ends 1/13/09!), we were looking at potential vacation destinations. New York was at the top of the list, since she had never been there and I have done 3 day trips for work (never staying overnight in Manhattan).

The good news? Round-trip airfare is $228 per person!

The bad? We can't find a hotel we'd feel good about for under $200, and that's before taxes/fees. Even Hotwire is coming in that high for 2.5-star properties on the nights we'd be there, which is more or less Hampton-Inn-level lodging. And we don't even get to see the name of the hotel and have to pay in advance if we go that route. The other option is to stay in Queens or Brooklyn near the airports, but that doesn't save all that much and...really, what fun is that?

We can afford the trip, but it begs the question: if we're going to drop $2000 just to get there and have a place to sleep, should we not spend slightly more and sit on a beach and eat/drink all we want? Or, perhaps, go to San Francisco and basically eat a great free meal every single night for what we'd be saving on hotel? Ditto Seattle/Vancouver?

Or is New York really that damn much fun?

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