Monday, April 13, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking Star

(First things first--I'm back from Ireland, What an amazing trip. I would highly encourage everyone to find the time to make a visit. It's surprisingly affordable, and it's a vacation you'll never forget. I'll be posting pictures and stories here when I have a little more time. Onto the post...)

I have never in my life been without a newspaper subscription. When I was a kid, my parents had THREE (the Times, Star, and Kansan).

Yesterday morning, it seemed like the Sunday paper was a little light. No biggie; I know ad revenue has been dwindling and I figured there were fewer inserts or something.

When I got on the bike at the gym to read the paper today, there was no disputing it--the Star was comin' up mighty thin.

Main/Local section (they are now combined): 12 pages minus ~ 4 pages of ads = 8 pages.
FYI: 6 pages (2 of which are comics and puzzles, which I'll be diplomatic and count).
Sports: 10 pages minus ~ 4 pages of ads = 6 pages.

That means there are literally only 20 pages of content.

That number includes box scores, obituaries, TV listings, and four photos at about 1/2 page each.

I know Monday is the lightest edition of the week, but please enlighten me: how am I supposed to justify a subscription renewal?

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Unknown said...

welcome back. Yeah, the paper has slimmed down but hey, every day the Star continues to publish I call a victory.