Friday, April 24, 2009

New York

Just got back from a super-quick, last-minute business trip to NY.


1. Herm Edwards was on my flight on the way there. Paul Splittorff was on my flight on the way back.

2. Our flight path took us to the southwest corner of Manhattan, then we turned north, looped all the way around the city, made a U-turn, and landed at LaGuardia. The skyline views were stunning--first the Statue of Liberty, then lower Manhattan with all the skyscrapers, then Central Park, then the Bronx and new/old Yankee Stadiums, then around the other side of the island to land.

3. I am so glad I'm not a business traveler for a living. If I had to eat every night at the Ruby Tuesday bar with all the other road warriors, listening to the d-bag salesmen hitting on the women half their age as they talk about all their business conquests/fish tales, I just might off myself.
4. This is a public elementary school. The picture doesn't even do it justice.
It was built in 1935 with a bonafide 4-lane bowling alley in the basement. It requires manual ball return and pinsetting (i.e. a pinboy). You can't even find a bowling alley where you keep score manually any more.
I also came across some survival water circa 1962. Cuban Missile Crisis, anyone?


m.v. said...

we had bomb shelters but I've never seen one unlocked. somewhere on my blog there should be some photos of Stalin's bunker.

Craig said...

Okay you lost me. Is the bowling alley in the Public school? One minute your eating at the dinner and then we're drinking survival water. What did you do on the trip?