Friday, April 17, 2009

Braggin' Rights Follow-Up

As mentioned previously, four friends and I taped a week's worth of Braggin' Rights, a sports trivia show that airs on Metro Sports. We didn't know the results because our group and their group, the "Posse", tape our segments at different times in different locations. Each episode consists of 10 questions that both teams try to answer.

It turns out that we did quite well: We tied 7-7 the first day, then 9-9 the second day.

The third day they beat us 9-8.

Finally, on the last day, they missed the last question, giving us a 10-9 victory (yep, we aced the last "day's" worth of questions).

I'm very satisfied with our showing, considering their team consists of guys who do nothing but sports--ringers, in other words. We're just some people who thought it would be fun to be on TV.

How's that taste, Posse?

1 comment:

Jared Brustad said...

If only we "Hey Joe'd" that Network Super Bowl question. Argh!!!

I am very happy with the outcome. We did well.