Monday, September 13, 2010

Final Thoughts Before Kickoff

My posts have been sporadic lately, but I had to get this in before kickoff to lend it any credibility.

Really, this post consists of a single question aimed at a single group.

To those who have been saying:

Yeah, I think the Chiefs are probably an 8 or 9 win team.

Not "if everything goes right and Denver and Oakland are wretched and Philip Rivers gets hurt".

Not "best case scenario".

But with a matter-of-fact tone that suggests a sentiment of, "Yeah, that sounds about right. I'm making a statement with a reasonable level of confidence."

My question is this:

What the hell have you seen that makes you think it is likely that this team will win half its games?

Todd Haley is still a pompous prick who sounds constipated when he talks inanely about guys "caring" and "buying in".

Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis are nothing special; they are simply reputations created as underlings in New England.

Though Eric Berry can't hurt, our defensive front is the same one that allowed a Cleveland Browns journeyman to run for almost 300 years last year.

And last I checked, Matt Cassel was our quarterback.

Enlighten me - what the hell have you seen that suggests doubling last year's win total? I would even have accepted a preseason performance as evidence at this point...but there's not one to point to.

I really hope I'm wrong.

Posted at 8:13pm, FWIW.


Anonymous said...

uh oh

Corey said...

Nailed it again. You're on quite the streak with your blog posts. Maybe it's time to review another beer.

My verification word this time is "Chiefs Got Good Pressure On The Quarterback". Strange.

JJSKCK said...

Yep, they got one last night. I was impressed with the defense, though you apparently saw a lot more pressure on Rivers than I did.

I still don't see how they win 8 games. Not with Cassel, and not when they face a team who appears to have packed a set of cleats that actually work in the rain.

Olentangy said...

Only 6 more to go, and the Bills Rams, and Raiders ( twice ) are on the schedule

JJSKCK said...

Yeah, and don't forget Arizona at home.

The combination of a 2-0 start and the fact that their schedule looks weaker by the day has made their path to .500 seem way more feasible.

The combination of Cassel's play and the fact that they've been pretty lucky means there's also a chance that the season turns ugly by Halloween.

Should be interesting!