Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

Yeah,'s been happening the last couple of weeks. Between wedding planning (we leave in 3 weeks!), houseguests last weekend, a trip to Staten Island last week, and trying to get a roof contract wrapped up, there's been little time to write.

However, I figured I should share this.

Here at work, we had to take an online ethics training course. It was fairly ridiculous, with lousy voiceover actors talking about how they might have a hot inside stock tip, or maybe a country club membership if the other lousy voiceover actor could just make sure that contract gets signed or that PO pushed back into last fiscal year.

It was an hour of inanity I'll never get back.

Now, full disclosure here: I'm a dynamite test taker. I'm sure this won't apply to many of you out there, but I think I could have answered all these questions without even listening to the lousy actors. You're welcome to try.

If you learn that laws or regulations have been violated, you should:

( ) wait and see if anyone finds out about it.

( ) make sure you're not involved and get rid of any troublesome documents before a real investigation starts.

( ) report it to your supervisor or through appropriate Company channels immediately.

( ) launch your own investigation to gather more information and to avoid wasting the Company's time.

A coworker has recently made jokes about shooting up the Company. He seems angry a lot. What should you do?

( ) Transfer to a different department.

( ) Talk to him and try to calm him down.

( ) Make a note of it so there's a record in case something happens.

( ) Report the jokes to management.

What should you do if you notice a safety hazard in the workplace?

( ) Take steps necessary to keep the hazardous condition from affecting others and report it to your supervisor.

( ) Review the MSDS and try to work around it.

( ) Fix it yourself.

( ) Keep quiet unless someone else notices.


kcmeesha said...

I do these all the time, but I always skip ahead to questions since the only correct answer is "report to management". Which is totally opposite from the first half of my life when reporting to management would brand you an asshole and a snitch. I always wonder who are the morons who get paid to create these classes with idiotic "life" examples and retarded hypotheticals. I would like to report them to management for being inadequate.

TBinKC said...

We've had to take these for both ethnics and sexual harassment. The response from the creative team in my department after taking the sexual harassment test was, "Dude, these scenarious are LAME. If we ever need one of these again, they should come to us for the scripts—we will SHOW YOU harassment."

My fave was a question about whether it's possible for a woman to harass a man. In the video, the slutty chick leaned over the guys shoulder and said, "How's it hangin', stud?"

The DLC said...

How dare you make light of important and valuable training such as this. I'm reporting this blog post to management.