Monday, November 9, 2009

Vacation, Part 3: Last Day in the Canyon

We spent the morning exploring the east end of the South Rim, where the overlooks are farther apart and a car is required.

We were amazed by all the different languages we heard in our time there, as people from all over the world were drawn to visit. It drives home how truly unique and renowned the Grand Canyon is.

A few more photos, some of which show the Colorado River thousands of feet below:

We traveled the entire length of the highway to the east entrance of the park (some 20 miles), and as we turned back it began to rain a bit. We made it back to where we started, and before we left the park we pulled over to get one last look.

Here's what we got:

And this:

We're thinking we might go back someday.


kcimprovgeek said...

Beyond stunning. And a rainbow...I think I might have immediately burst into tears. Thanks for sharing this!

Inky Neverwhere said...

Beautiful pictures, Josh. Glad you two enjoyed it so much - it is indeed breathtaking in every sense of the word! Hans and I were married on Maricopa Point, South Rim. We've only been a short distance down Bright Angel Trail, though. Someday, someday...