Friday, June 19, 2009


So the Pitch reports that the KCMO city council has voted to spend $500,000 to fund a study as to the viability/need for a "convention" hotel.

Apparently the answer to having too many vacant hotel rooms is to build more hotel rooms.

David Martin articulates this far better and more factually than I ever could, but I have to ask:

WTF are you thinking?

You are borderline BANKRUPT as a city, slashing jobs by the hundreds, and you do not have emergency provisions for the economic disaster that is the Power & Light district written into next year's budget.

And you're going to spend half a mil for someone to tell you what you want to hear--that you need a 1,055 room hotel or else the Unified Funeral Directors of America are taking their caskets to Jacksonville? Because you ALREADY KNOW that's what they're going to say!

And once you get this news, how exactly are you going to try to fund this hotel? You're broke. You have nothing left to tax.

Learn from your mistakes for once. Hell, do something--ANYTHING--right for once.

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Realist said...

It's simple, JJS - they're trying to steal as much as they can while it's still there to steal. They know we're in dire straits - that's why they're gettin' while the gettin's good. Wouldn't make much sense to wait until it's all gone and then try to steal it.