Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What’s been happening:

-Two weekends ago we got to visit our friends Corey and Mo in Chicago. We had a fantastic time, saw the current incarnation of The Union, and enjoyed a beautiful Chicago day on Saturday.

Some recommendations: go to Hot Doug’s (featured yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning) for some yummy encased meats. Choose whatever you want, but make sure you also get a corn dog. On Friday and Saturday, they offer French Fries fried in duck fat. Also, unless you have some time on your hands, don’t bother showing up between 11am and 2pm. It’s a popular place.

Edmund Fitzgerald Porter is delicious, and it goes great with sketch comedy at a BYOB theater. The beer selection in Chicago puts ours in KC to shame, as their geography puts them in the distribution networks of all the East and West Coast breweries.

Speaking of, try the Hopleaf on Clark to satisfy your beer geekery needs. They focus on Belgian styles, but their beer menu is a 16-page pamphlet of all things hoppy, malty, and happy. From Dogfish Head to Urthel, any beer lover will find plenty to like there.

We had outstanding Indian food at Viceroy. Located on Devon Street, which is packed with Indian businesses, Viceroy served up some delightful cuisine. We sampled over a dozen things among us and we liked them all.

And go to Millennium Park. Just go.

-This weekend, we remodeled our bathroom. It’s amazing what a couple hundred bucks in paint, flooring, and lighting can do to a room. Now that the house is exactly as we want it, it’s time to sell it. From what I understand, that’s the way it always is.

-The Red X wine tasting never fails to satisfy. We attended with our friends Alan and Amy (it was Amy’s first time) and had a great time. And Stone Canyon Pizza does a really good job.

-We ate at Blue Koi last night with a group of friends and had a great time catching up. Try their current special—“Spicy Buns”. You’ll feel dirty ordering them and happy eating them.

-Wyoming. I went there last week (no ex-girlfriend sightings); I'll be there once a month through September. *sigh*


Justin Kendall said...

Dang. Can't believe I missed the wine tasting.

m.v. said...

the other side of Devon was (maybe still is) Russian and Polish.

JJSKCK said...

@Justin: It was actually more lightly attended than usual...and cheese whore was nowhere to be found, much to my dismay.

@m.v.: You are correct, sir...per Wikipedia:

…[Devon Avenue] has been settled by many other immigrant groups, which is perhaps most evident between Kedzie and Ridge Avenues in West Ridge, Chicago. Here, one traveling eastward will encounter, in succession, an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, a Russian American neighborhood, an Indian American neighborhood, a Pakistani American neighborhood, and a Bangladeshi American neighborhood.The abundance of ethnic neighborhoods is one of the most fascinating things about Chicago.

The DLC said...

Driving further east down Devon you'll also see Pakistanis, Nigerians, Haitians, Mexicans and maybe even a few Irish. I lived and worked on Devon for a few years. I caught shit from the wicker park hipsters for living way up there but it was the most diverse neighborhood in Chicago.

Alan S said...

Red X was silly great tasty fun. As were Spicy Buns. Congrats again on the house!