Friday, May 29, 2009

Reasons Yesterday Rocked

1. I locked in our mortgage rate 1/8 of a percentage point HIGHER than it was the day before. How could this possibly rock? Because it was a full ¼ point higher than that by the end of the day. Bond prices crashed, which boosted interest rates nationwide as a result. Another lender we were considering went from 4.75% to 5.625% in 48 hours.

2. I received yet another ticket on Southwest. I now have four in my account, if you’re counting at home.

3. I found out my car’s air conditioning compressor was NOT seized up; it had simply run out of coolant due to a slow leak in the system. Leak is repaired, system is charged, just in time for summer. I’m out $66 instead of $1000.

4. My garage door, which failed quite violently Tuesday night, is being repaired right now. The person who took down my information scheduled me for yesterday by mistake, which left them overbooked at the time listed on their schedule. In the meantime, another person I had called for a quote called me back and gave me a $75 lower estimate. Needless to say, I simply cancelled the first appointment.

5. The much-predicted rain never materialized, allowing us to actually start our summer softball season on time. We won both games, and I didn't get hurt (which, as I age, is becoming more of a victory than saying "I hit the shit out of the ball".)

Life can be pretty sweet when it wants to be.

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