Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Text-Based Google Voicemail

Google Voice offers the option of getting a voice-to-text "translation" sent to your email when someone leaves a message. Here's one that I received over the weekend:

My name is Peggy and I'm calling in a volunteer Christian work from here and Mary we've been making available to people in our area without charge, a book that answers from the Bible says questions as how we can have a happy, Your family life, white guy, permits F Creek and what he will do in the future to do away with sickness and death here on the error. If you would like a copy of this book at no charge. That shows were to look in your own Bible to find the answers to these questions. Please call XXX-XXXX leave your name and address and I'll be sure to have it delivered to you without charge. Thank you.


FatCatKC said...

The Google voicemail translations are hilarious. It is amazing what Google thinks my mom says. You did what with who!

lesliemostaffa said...

Thats really funny. By the way how is the new phone/service working out for you?

Corey said...

but we need that phone number, Josh!

A.M. Lutz said...

How do you enable this fabulous feature? I must know. I can already tell that text-based Google voicemail and I are going to have such fun together.

JJSKCK said...

Two weeks late...sorry. Life busy.

FatCat - They're always funny, but usually in an inane way. This one called me white guy.

Leslie - I still really like the T-Mobile phone and service. The WiFi calling feature has been vital since my entire neighborhood is a virtual dead zone due to topography.

Corey - Nah. Could do that to her.

Angela - You have to sign up for Google Voice, which can take the place of your current voicemail service. You have the option of receiving text-based voicemail in your email account, which is where I got this. It's hilarious to read because it interprets all the pauses, "ums", coughs, etc. and butchers some words entirely. It's best to read the message first, then listen to the voice version as you re-read it.