Monday, December 21, 2009

Westport Is Fun

We spent close to 12 hours in Westport Saturday, and I must say it was a lovely time.

11:30am: Lunch at one80 with a good friend/archivist.

12:45pm: Movie at Tivoli (Some Like It Hot). They are doing a "Movie and a Meal" promotion for the next three weeks - go see a matinee of Casablanca, Duck Soup, or Breakfast at Tiffany's, then take a coupon to just about any Westport eatery and enjoy a discount meal before or after the show.

2:30pm: Hot, caffeine-abundant drink at Broadway Café.

2:50pm: Antiques store stop with aforementioned friend/archivist and his friend. He bought some more crap to archive; she bought a Luke Perry 90210 doll. Both left happy.

3:45pm: Stopped by the high-end kitchen store just north of the Riot Room to get ideas for our remodel that should take place any decade now, but we had to window shop because the place closed at 3pm.

4:00pm: Went to a very busy World Market to buy various snacks and miscellany for the family holiday visit.

4:40pm: Went to the Foundry, met up with good friends to have food, drinks, and candy.

7:30pm: Started drinking.

Sometime around 8pm: First group of good friends dispersed for the evening, but second group began to form at the tables directly behind us.

Sometime around 9:30pm: I had consumed enough Winter Warmers to start talking a little too loud and a little too much. Who cares; I was happy.

10:30pm: Went home.


Alan! said...

Mixed use developments forever!

See you at "Duck Soup"!

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

I would rather have stayed at the Foundry because the Shark Bar and I don't mix. The things we do for family, eh?

JJSKCK said...

Alan! - Duck Soup indeed! Here's hoping your lady eventually made it past the East Coast snow force field.

Sbo'C - I can't even imagine how bad a place called "Shark Bar" could have been. My condolences.

Harper said...

Well done. I found myself at the Firefly that night, which I'm pretty sure is Westport's newest bar (opened sometime around St. Pat's earlier this year), and I think I like that place, too.

Harper said...

Wait, technically, I guess the SideCar at the Beaumont is the newest bar.