Monday, September 14, 2009

Event of the Decade (Redux) - Red X Wine Tasting Thursday

It's that time again.
Thursday, September 17, 5-7pm.

Here is what I wrote last year to describe the Red X Wine Tasting in all its magnificent fluorescence:

My mind has officially been blown.

I have rarely experienced so many layers of fascination in one place.

Friends, I’m speaking of the Red X wine tasting EVENT.

If you’ve never witnessed the Riverside Red X, it is everything to love about America under one roof. Groceries. Cigarettes by the CASE. Every type of lottery ticket ever invented. A hardware store. A dollar store. A museum with statues of animals AND a suit of armor.

Oh - and booze. Lots and lots of booze.

That’s great, JJS, but I have a liquor store near my house.

I’m sure you do. But it doesn’t have a SUIT OF ARMOR and FUNHOUSE MIRRORS!

Point taken. But I’ve been to wine tastings before at other places, and they were kind of a drag – you know, kinda snobby.

I’m talking about the Red X, fool! There’s no place for snobbery. And what did your wine tasting have, 4 bottles to try? 8? Red X opened AT LEAST 80 different wines.

Wow. 80?

At least. And no, I did not try them all.

That SOUNDS cool, but I’m a little intimidated by the whole “wine scene”.

Your fellow tasters will include guys in NASCAR shirts and mullets asking to try the “SEER-uh”. That makes it 95% less intimidating and 9500% more glorious.


Great! Sounds like you’re in! The next one takes place:
Thursday, September 17
Riverside Red X

Yes, it’s early, but that leaves plenty of time to go get dinner afterward at Stone Canyon Pizza (where they have, ironically, 1/2 price bottles of wine).

Let’s do this.


Unknown said...

80 or 100 wines open to taste, and those Riverside Red-X attendees choose to stand in line for a half hour to get .25 cents worth of bread and cheese. What's up with that?

JJSKCK said...

MOST of them are standing in line for a quarter's worth of cheese. However, we've noticed on wine tastings past that some are shameless enough to take far more than that. One girl takes a Giza-sized pyramid worth of cheese and just walks around with her plate without a care in the world. We call her Cheese Whore. She wasn't there last week, but she'll be back. She can't stay away.

Unknown said...

Absolutely, just say "free food" and apparently it incites a near stampede.

Wine Tours said...

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